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Hellfire update is going as planned. About 80% complete. This will pretty much be a re-vamp of the realm (without character wipe). All old pve, daily quests and areas/zones have been removed. We have also removed a bunch of things to make the realm simpler, Currency/quest wise. All previous account and IP bans have been lifted. to people that have had there accounts deleted. They will have to re-create and try not to break rules again.Giving everyone a fresh start. and having a better attitude towards the community and players.

Everyone now starts in Hellfire and it is the main zone for PvP & PvE.
It has 1 neutral mall for both factions (Temple of Telhmat), a faction based mall for the horde and alliance (Honor Hold & Thrallmar).

Starter gear will now be Gladiator's Gear.
Merciless Gear is now Honor Gear.
We have released a new PvP Set (Hellfire Gladiator), along with wiping all arena teams for the end of the season. 

There is now tons of new content, gear and things to do.
The consortium and the Ashen verdict are playing a huge role in helping the alliance and Horde defeat the Felorcs of Hellfire.

2 Custom Dungeons (Ramparts = 3 Man, Blood Furnace = 5 Man)
2 Custom Raids (Shattered Halls = 10 Man, Magtheradons Lair = 20 Man)
3 Custom World Bosses (10, 15 and 30 man) - Felreavers, Doom Lord Kazzak and Corrupted Paarthurnax.
5 Custom Rares.

These dungeons/raids will bring a new variety of BOE drops, BiS (Best in Slot) Drops for PvP & PvE such as weapons, jewelry and offpieces. Aswell as a dungeon & Raid set.

With hellfire being explored, we have found access to a new profession. Jewelcrafting.

Hellfire will offer a plentyful of solo content such as 15+ daily quests for both pve and pvp objectives. solo farming spots such as rep/item grinds for cool/cosmetic rewards.

We are hoping to let players access the realm again and have the set date for Friday, the 18th. but things always change.

If anyone wants to help out and get this done quicker and is willing throw ideas, or has any questions you can add me on skype. (cody.james.stade)

Written by Seez | 2014-04-07 16:05:59 | Comments (4)

Realm Status

Hey everyone, just letting everyone know that due to the population being so low the last week, we have chosen to close the realm to the public for this week in order to speed up the development of our next update Hellfire. All characters and accounts will still be in-tact and playable once the update is ready and launchable. We will also mass email all registered accounts and update social media :)

If anyone has any questions they can post via boards and one of the staff will respond A.S.A.P.

Written by Seez | 2014-03-25 13:54:51 | Comments (2)

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