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Basic Info


Versus is our new Instant 70 "Twink" Realm.

We used to run Instant 60 in the past, but we decided to give 70 a chance.


Every player will start with a full Blue PvP Set, the player can personalize his gear with a large number of start items.

Gear up:

Our gear system is linked to the players total amount of honor-able kills.

Every amount has its own rank and every rank has its own vendor.

For example, once a player reached 10 honorable kills, he will unlock the Rank 1.

The player can open every vendor, but if he hasn't enough honor-able kills he won't be able to buy any gear.

Honor & Arena Points:

Once you unlocked a vendor, you will be able to buy gear.

This gear of course requires an amount of honor, the higher the rank, the more it requires.

Some higher ranked items will cost an extra amount of Arena Points.

You can earn Arena Points by participating rated Arena's

or you can finish daily quests rewarding arena points if you don't like arena at all.


All Class all Race Combination:

The player can create every class on every race, this means you can create an Undead Paladin or a Tauren Rogue.


Battleground teams will be mixed, so Team A vs Team B. This make a Battleground more balanced for a lower populated faction.


Players can swap their item displays into better looking ones

You can buy replacement displays for an amount of Transmog Tokens, these tokens are sold for Honor or Arena Points and after every Battleground Win AND Lose, a player will receive a random amount of Transmog Tokens.

Special Looking Displays for Donators


If you are feeling lucky, you can try a gamble.

You can gamble for Honor Points, Arena Points and Transmog Tokens

And there is a low chance you receive a bonus Title on winning a gamble


The Mall

Ranked Vendors

Duel & Training Zone

Saphira World Boss

Ring of Trials Free for All

Posted by Saintslayer on January 12, 2015
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Realm Status

Alliance: 1
Horde: 1
Total Online: 2
Player Top 10
Name Race Class Kills
Tokigpriest 5589
Zamos 4317
Accelerant 3214
Rovery 2933
Midas 2729
Konyx 2659
Demise 2559
Discapointed 2475
Diamond 2193
Decline 1953
Flag Captures
Name Race Class Caps
Tokigpriest 100
Zamos 65
Soda 65
Hermie 58
Konyx 47
Diamond 46
Cyla 45
Bloyz 34
Midas 33
Rovery 29
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