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Quick update

Hi guys. Just a quick update for everyone on what we have being doing the past few weeks. We've implemented and tested our content to make your experience as best as possible. We added a whole range of new features to the realm. Some of which are below:

- 1v1 Arena
- World PvP areas
- Capture the flag events
- Progressive PvP gearing system

- Custom World boss's
- Custom Legendary quest chain
- Scaled dungeons and Raids

- Transmog
- Player stats Npc
- New redesigned mall
- Professions

Best regards

LoC Staff

Posted by Jonny on November 19, 2014

Welcome to Light of Chaos!

Our Realm is currently under development. The release date is still unknown. Keep an eye on the website or boards for more information.

Posted by SoulKah on November 3, 2014
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